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At Mother & Daughter Entertainment, we strive to make content that either has a social impact, initiates change

or even just makes you connect.

With our core team consisting of a real life

mother-daughter duo and a team of strong female filmmakers, we like to create projects that could be

watched at any age, or especially together.

All well-versed in the industry, here at MDE we truly

are a family. We love working with anyone that desires mentoring or shadowing experience in the film industry.

MDE's mission is rooted in the core principles of MDE founder Elizabeth Blake-Thomas and her purposeful practice "Medicine With Words". Through intention and reflection, Elizabeth and the MDE Team focus on using storytelling to make a difference.


Film and storytelling mediums have the true power to heal us, through laughter, vulnerability, and authentic connection, and that is what we strive to do at MDE.

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