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M&D Foundation Initiative

✭ Wanting to give back to the forgotten freelancers of the film industry,

we created the MD Foundation Initiative, a campaign to mentor and employ

undiscovered filmmakers through fellow philanthropic pledges. ✭


✭ Allocated pledges will be used to

film commercials, short films, TV pilots, and even low-budget feature films

over a quick weekend or week span, employing filmmakers through an on-set mentorship

experience where all positions are paid equally (unlike typical film salary hierarchies). ✭  


✭ Click the Donate Buttons below to pledge the individual project amount 

& become an Executive Producer! ✭



✭ Current Initiative Projects looking for funding 

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Commercial - $500

(1/2 day shoot - 1 cast, 4 crew)

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Captive (5 min Short) - $3,000

(2 day shoot - 5 cast, 10 crew)

When you replace animals with people, the concept of mistreatment takes on a whole new perspective, one that will make you take a step back and rethink.

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Sixteen (TV Pilot) - $7,500

(3 day shoot - 10 cast, 15 crew)

When you're sixteen, every day feels dramatic and life-altering; Ride the wave of the ups and downs, tears and laughter, of five best friends, set to the backdrop of the most intimate place: the bathroom.

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Once Upon A Lyft (Feature Film) - $15,000

(7 day shoot - 8 cast, 15 crew)

Sammy a former depressive who has moved across the country running from her past has taken up the job of being a Lyft driver. It’s Christmas time in LA. A difficult time for Sammy. Through her various encounters  in her LYFT she realises that her reason to be here is bigger than she could ever have guessed. This isn't about her, it’s about the lives she can transform and change. 


✭ Past Projects in Price Range 





Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

  Commercial - Doritos

Short Film - Broken Wings

 TV Pilot - Across The Pond

Feature Film - Pretty Outrageous

 Click HERE to Watch Full Film

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