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✭ Pledge through June 27th 

✭ Hundreds of Crew + Cast Members Employed ✭

✭ Right now paychecks are scarce, so let's start a fund to help those in need while

creating content to share ✭

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"Entertainment is a major portion of the California economy and, with the production shutdown just crossing the one-month mark and layoffs, furloughs and paycuts implemented by reeling studios, there has been a growing discussion among executives and producers about how to ease back into production, along with the big challenges a return poses." - Deadline



Here at Mother Daughter Entertainment, we cannot idly sit by while millions of freelance creatives are suffering during this pandemic. Project Phoenix is a campaign we created to help bring both financial and mental relief to the entertainment industry, creating a fund to employ hundreds of the forgotten freelancers. 


While studios have stopped production, we can begin pre-production immediately once funds and resources are pledged, but we need YOUR help! 

 LINK to Project Phoenix Campaign Page:


Reasons to Give:

  • Great to give back

  • Help real people who are struggling

  • Make history being part of a unique, philanthropic project

  • Meet new friends

  • Gain a film opportunity to further your portfolio

  • Monetary gain (potential back end points depending on funds given)

  • Contribute to the economy

  • Quality time management

  • Utilizing resources without waste

  • This is the Future. You can be a direct influence.

Not only would Project Phoenix help many freelance creatives out financially, but also mentally, giving them an outlet in their dream career field in a time when all other production has ceased; in a time when mental health is suffering during quarantine.

Everyone who joins us on Project Phoenix is truly saving lives. You are helping to house a young girl, feed an older gentleman, keep a desperate teen from committing suicide in this dark time.

Join us in this call to action.
Together let’s foster the creative environment that we all love and thrive so much in. The industry that we all sacrifice for on the daily even when there is not a global pandemic.

Because creating content will not only save those involved in the filmmaking process, but will trickle down and spread it’s saving grace to audience members, continuing to inspire around the globe.

Together let’s rise from the ashes and relight the world’s creative fire.

Los Angeles, CA, USA